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Precision Ag Summit 2017 Presentations

The 6th Annual Action Summit welcomed more than 250 participants to North Dakota Farmers Union in Jamestown on January 16 & 17, 2017.

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AFRL awarding $24.9 million for Sensor Innovation

AFRL invites whitepapers for the Sensor Innovative Research Program to Support R&D Projects in Four Technical Areas. Approximately $24.9 million may be made available to support multiple awards. Eligibility is unrestricted domestically. Whitepapers will be accepted on a continuing basis until Apr 5, 2017. More information regarding BAA-12-02-PKS is available at:

FAA opens more airspace in North Dakota for UAS research


The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday authorized unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to fly in a wide area of North Dakota, a development intended to give industry greater access to research opportunities.

UAS research area expanded to nearly two-third of North Dakota


Even more of North Dakota is now a testing ground for unmanned aircraft following a decision Wednesday from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA approved a request by the Northern Plains Unmanned Aerial Systems Test Site to conduct unmanned aircraft system flights in this designated area.

“It’s good for the FAA. It’s good for the industry. It’s good for us,” said the test site’s executive director, Bob Becklund.

The North Dakota test site, one of six in the nation, is headquartered in Grand Forks.

UAV's Primed to Fly


As the commercial use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for farming waits for clearance to take off from the US Federal Aviation Administration, researchers and innovators aren’t just sitting on the tarmac, especially in the Northern Great Plains.

Last June, about 300 people attended the Red River Research Corridor UAS Action Summit, hosted by the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks. The Summit was all about Unmanned Aerial Systems, the industry behind them and their applications.

4th Precision Agriculture Summit draws 250


Technology, Practices, and equipment featured. See all the media coverage and presentations here.

Sioux Falls Development Foundation invests $3M in biotech firm


The Sioux Falls Development Foundation is announcing a $3 million equity investment in Sioux Falls-based SAB Biotherapeutics to help grow its unique disease-fighting platform.

SAB Biotherapeutics, Inc. (SAB) is a biopharmaceutical company on the leading edge of innovation, developing natural technologies that have the potential to transform the treatment and prevention of diseases from cancer to Ebola, and diabetes to influenza. SAB’s technology, the DiversitAb™ Platform, is a natural system for producing clinical-grade fully human antibodies to treat human diseases.

Fargo company creates app to monitor drones


The news clip about a drone entering busy airspace and nearly colliding with an aircraft caught Shawn Muehler’s eye.

There’s got to be a way to prevent these near misses, Muehler, a military pilot, thought as he watched the increasingly familiar story unfold.

For the past eight months, Fargoans Muehler and Alex Kube, a software developer, have been working to create a safety application for unmanned aircraft.

The result is Botlink, an application that shows drone pilots where manned aircraft are as well as controlled airspaces, which require permission to enter.

NSF Awarding $6 Million for Advancement of Sensing Technologies


In partnership with Intel, the National Science Foundation invites proposals to support Projects for the Advancement of Sensing Technologies such as RGBD (Red Green Blue Depth); multi-camera and light field imaging systems; networks of sensors; advanced visual analytics; and, cloud computing that will challenge the longstanding paradigms of capturing, creating, analyzing and utilizing visual information. Approximately $6 million may be made available to support up to six awards. Eligibility is restricted to institutions of higher education. Proposals are due Feb 20, 2015.

UAS Summit scheduled for September 21 - 23, 2015

Join us for the 9th Annual UAS Action Summit on September 21 - 23, 2015 in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

We have activated a new event website, please visit at

LRSC students study ag potential of UAS


Paul Gunderson gets excited when showing off equipment and talking about farming at Lake Region State College’s Precision Agriculture Center.

It’s his mission to make sure the students graduating from the Devils Lake, N.D., college’s precision agriculture program have a real-world grasp of skills they can utilize, including the use of unmanned aerial systems.

“While the unmanned aerial arena looks particularly enticing to producers, there’s an awful lot of crap,” Gunderson said. “There’s a lot of hype, and a lot of it is not very helpful.”

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