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Precision Ag Summit 2018 Presentations

The 7th Precision Agriculture Action Summit welcomed more than 225 participants to North Dakota Farmers Union in Jamestown on January 15 & 16, 2018.

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Research and Technology Companies in the Red River Valley Research Corridor

Aatrix Software

Aatrix Software designs and distributes accounting, payroll, and forms management software for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Agri ImaGIS

Agri ImaGIS Technologies is a leader in remote-sensing for agriculture, focused on satellite image analysis and data synthesis for precision agriculture, crop insurance, and other agricultural needs.

AgriData, Inc.

AgriData provides online assistance to members of the agricultural sector to help them be more efficient and productive. The maps provided assist with the following: custom farm applications/actions, crop advisory maps based on soil state and other conditions, guides to land management, and crop insurance information.


Aldevron is a biotechnology company focused primarily on the large-scale production of plasmid-DNA used by DNA-Vaccine and gene-therapy researchers. Products and services include contract plasmid manufacturing, genetic immunization and antibody production, and a complete line of gene therapy plasmids.

Alion Science and Technology

Alion Science and Technology Corporation is an employee-owned technology solutions company delivering technical expertise and operational support to the Department of Defense, civilian government agencies and commercial customers. Alion is working with the Army and the University of North Dakota’s School of Engineering & Mines to develop novel surface applications and materials.


Established in 2011, Altavian is an unmanned aircraft solutions provider that integrates engineering and manufacturing with services that enable the technology for federal, state, local, and commercial clients. With 25 employees and growing, Altavian has the engineering, manufacturing, and operations expertise needed to help you bring unmanned aircraft capabilities to your organization, large or small.

Appareo Systems

Appareo Systems is an advanced technology business that designs and manufactures electronic, mechanical and software products for aerospace, defense and transportation applications worldwide. Appareo is a leader in the custom development and manufacture of low-cost innovative avionic solutions for original equipment manufacturers.

Arrow-Tech, Inc.

Arrow-Tech Inc. is the only manufacturer of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) designed high quality direct reading Radiation (pocket) Dosimeter in the world – used in nuclear, biological and chemical detection.

Avenue Right LLC

Avenue Right markets an advertising software for small to mid-size companies to make marketing more affordable and user friendly. The software is personalized for the company to help minimize necessary financial input through efficient channels of communication and maximize revenue from interested parties.


Avianax is developing diagnostic, therapeutic antibodies and vaccines for West Nile Virus and Avian Influenza in partnership with the UND Research Foundation and School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

Benchmark Electronics

Benchmark manufactures electronics and provides services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of telecommunication equipment, computers and related products for business enterprises, industrial control equipment, testing and instrumentation products and medical devices.

Bold Method

BoldMethod builds enterprise-level custom software that helps focusing on business processes, remote monitoring, and information management. The company is developing high fidelity Computer Based Training and courseware for CTI in support of their contract with the U.S. Air Force for MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper operator training.

BORDERS Alert and Ready

The Biochemical Organic Radiological Disaster Educational Response System, is a continuing education and training program operated by the University of North Dakota Research Foundation in cooperation with the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences. BORDERS Alert and Ready® is designed to improve the individual and collective ability of healthcare professional practitioners to prepare for and respond to acts of bioterrorism in increasingly diverse situations and populations.

c2renew corporation

c2renew provides a performance driven biocomposite material that offers price stability to a volatile plastics market and a greener alternative. c2renew is a material designer and custom compounder who utilizes proprietary biocomposite formulations to meet a wide range of engineering specifications. c2renew corporation designs biocomposite material compounds from agriculture byproducts along with recycled or virgin plastics from petroleum or renewable resources.

Cetero Research

Cetero Research is a leading provider of early clinical, bioanalytical and specialty Phase II - IV research services to the biotechnology, generic, and pharma industries. Cetero's Fargo facility, founded as PRACS Institute, has a strong reputation for conducting drug interaction, TQT and bioequivalence studies.

Cirrus Design

Cirrus is the world’s largest manufacturer of single-engine, piston-powered aircraft, and the SR22 is the industry’s best selling model. The SR20, with composite construction and advanced aerodynamics, incorporates flat-panel, multi-function display technology and state-of-the-art safety innovations, including a final level of safety known as the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).

Clinical Supplies Management

CSM™ is a full service Clinical Research Pharmacy committed to advancing clinical trials by providing supplies services plus innovative patient compliance/retention systems geared to meet the needs of the biotech/pharmaceutical industries.

ComDel Innovation

ComDel Innovation supports up-and-coming businesses by providing facilities and advice to assist in product development and commercialization. ComDel strives to make product realization easier for the innovator by making all production needs available from one source.

Dakota Technologies

Dakota Technologies, Inc. (DTI) is a research and analytical instrumentation company, focused on real-time chemical sensing. Dakota Technologies, Inc. is developing technology that rapidly characterizes and analyzes biological samples, chemical mixtures, environmental media (soil, water, and air), and industrial processes by using patented, highly sensitive, and reliable laser induced fluorescence (LIF) technology.

DakTech Computers

DakTech assembles and markets computers, peripherals and parts. DakTech was founded in April 1990 by veterans of one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers.

Datacom International, Inc.

Datacom is a company which provides three different softwares for engineering management, depending upon their individual needs. The company focuses on providing all-IT service management software to small to mid-sized manufacturing companies at low cost.

DMI Industries

DMI Industries is a company of Otter Tail Corporation that specializes in heavy steel fabrication, wind turbine tower manufacturing, the transport of wind turbine tower sections and heavy haul for large-scale wind components. DMI's plants utilize custom-designed machinery and adaptable manufacturing processes, allowing the company to provide turnkey solutions, customize every order, and do specialty prototyping.

Edge Data

EdgeData equips enterprises to profit from Big Data intelligence.

Our products and services capture data, compute it using proprietary algorithms, and allow you to consume it as actionable information that gives your business an advantage.

EdgeData is advancing the wind industry with BladeEdge℠, a software portal that transforms raw data from blade-condition assessments and wind farm management systems into actionable intelligence. Utilizing aerial inspections, BladeEdge℠ enables you to extend blade life, enhance turbine performance and prevent condition-related revenue loss.

Elinor Specialty Coatings

Elinor is committed to developing and introducing to the market new breakthrough coatings that protect surfaces more effectively than any others and set the industry standard for environmental friendliness.

We work with a team of experienced and proven consultants in both the business and the scientific world to identify key technologies ready for transfer. Then we develop that product for a specific niche, whether it is a solution to zebra mussel infestation or for corrosion on naval aluminum ships, according to feedback from actual customers.

Fargo 3D Printing

Fargo 3D Printing is the Midwest hub for everything related to 3D printing. If you’re looking for consumables, service of printers, tips/tricks on how to print, or the purchase of your very own 3D printers, we can help! We are locally owned and operated with over 4 years and 2,000+ hours of 3D printing experience. Our on-site training is the most popular way to get your printer up and running properly and promptly in your office or classroom.

Feed Management Systems

Feed Management Systems, Inc. (FMS) is an award-winning software solutions company that links critical information between feed manufacturers and their suppliers and customers.

Field of View, LLC

Field of View uses a small unmanned aerial vehicle to gather imagery to gauge the customer's crop health. This technology may be used by many facets of the agricultural community to isolate and evaluate problems and possible solutions


HealthEFirst, created by HiSpirit, offers a no cost solution for payers to substantially reduce claims costs and for users to proactively manage their health and medical conditions by making cell phones, PDA’s and computers into health and wellness management tools.

Ideal Aerosmith

Ideal Aerosmith is a leading supplier of precision inertial guidance test systems, rotational rate tables and centrifuges, and high dynamic flight test tables. Ideal’s systems test inertial sensors and navigation and guidance systems, and provide dynamic motion simulation for missiles, aircraft, launch vehicles, UAVs, and automobiles.


Headquartered in Manhattan with a full backbone operation in Minot ND, InfoTech is a custom software house and system integration company offering a variety of software products, IT services and business practices. They are a Microsoft Certified Partner and a GSA approved contractor. InfoTech's client base includes the Department of Defense and many small to mid-size companies representing a wide range of industries including defense, financial, and media companies.

Innovative Solutions, LLC

Innovative Solutions offers end-to-end product development and solution services including engineering/design, automation, prototype fabrication/testing, and short run manufacturing.

We can work with plastics, metals, composites and other materials to build functional prototypes. We update the design based on feedback from real-world testing. We can also design and build test fixtures and experiments to replicate extreme conditions and verify performance assumptions.

Intelligent InSites

Intelligent InSites delivers real-time enterprise visibility and automation solutions that transform the healthcare industry by dramatically driving down costs while improving the level of care. By providing a single platform capable of streamlining dozens of systems and processes using real-time location and sensory data, Intelligent InSites helps their clients gain visibility into their operations and make profound improvements in the area of resident safety, workflow optimization, asset and inventory management, and regulatory compliance.

ISight RPV Services

ISight RPV Services provides Remotely Piloted Vehicle operations to agricultural, critical infrastructure, wildlife management, insurance, and emergency services clients so they can unlock the value and efficiency of collecting information with unmanned aircraft.

Juhl Wind Inc.

Juhl Wind specializes in the development and management of community-owned medium to large scale wind projects in the United States and Canada. The company provides services including, but not limited to consultation and full wind-farm development and ownership advice.

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing is an ISO 9001-2000 certified and AS9100A registered contract manufacturer. KMM is focused on competitive pricing for high-reliability assemblies, low- to medium-volume production rates, and full-range testing at the subassembly level. Typical orders include circuit card assemblies, cable and harness assemblies, and ground test support equipment.

LM Wind Power

LM Wind Power is the world’s leading supplier of components and services for the wind turbines, and the only supplier that operates on a global basis. The Group has operations in more than 26 locations across the world and consists of three units: LM Wind Power Blades, LM Wind Power Service & Logistics and Svendborg Brakes.

Macil Technologies

Macil Technologies is a software company that develops management and accounting software to fit the individual company of any size. They have previously marketed an accounting software designed to integrate more seamlessly than previous products on the market.

Meridian Environmental Technology

Meridian is a leader in providing highly customized, site-specific weather forecasting and analysis services via state of the art Internet, wireless and cellular technologies. Meridian offers a range of customer-specific environmental and operational forecasting products and services, based on field-tested, proprietary computer algorithms. The company has over 50 years of combined experience in utilizing cutting-edge computer technology, scientific research, weather analysis, and forecasting systems to increase the productivity and decision-making capabilities of its customers.

Microbeam Technologies

Microbeam Technologies, Inc., is a leader in advanced fuel quality analysis and determining the impacts of fuel on power system performance. MTI offers a wide range of inorganic analysis services that are focused on solving problems for the coal-fired industry and addressing materials issues for other industries. MTI performs service analysis for clients using specialized scanning electron microscopy and microprobe analysis, x-ray diffraction, x-ray fluorescence, and chemical fractionation.

Microlap Technologies

Microlap is a leading U.S. manufacturer of high-precision industrial components made from synthetic ruby, sapphire, ceramic, carbide and other hard materials.


Microsoft's Fargo campus was established in 2001 with their acquisition of Great Plains Software. Fargo is now home to a major Microsoft Dynamics development center. The campus includes research and development, customer service, support, IT, operational and financial, and marketing teams. The Fargo location also hosts one of the company's nine Executive Briefing Centers.

Myriad Mobile

We’re masters of mobile at Myriad and with that comes subject area expertise. Focusing strictly on mobile, we’re able to hone our craft in the areas of strategy, design, development, education, and support. We’ve mastered how to approach and build apps that work — on time and on budget.


Ntractive is a Mac CRM enterprise cloud computing company that develops Elements CRM. Elements CRM is a Mac-centric Customer Relationship Management solution for business and enterprise for managing contacts, calendars, sales, inventory, projects, and documents.

Orion Integrated Biosciences

Orion Integrated Biosciences is developing a portfolio of collaborations with US National Laboratories and European Research Institutes to develop genomic and proteomic experimental approaches to identify and validate drug targets and diagnostic marker candidates for relevant biological processes. The company is developing molecular biology discovery tools to re-annotate genes and dissect pathways.

Packet Digital

Packet Digital Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and markets power management solutions and products that enable higher system performance, miniaturization and integration for consumer electronics and computing applications.

Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree Technologies, founded in 2004 is the leading provider of web-based solutions that connect and automate sensor-enabled physical assets for supply chain, fleet, and maintenance applications in the energy, field services, food services, convenience store, and petrochemical industries as well as the U.S. Department of Defense.

Phoenix International

Phoenix International is a leader in the design and manufacture of custom, integrated electronic solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Since their inception in 1987, they have developed highly ruggedized electronic components and systems for industries that rely on their equipment to function under the most adverse conditions—industries such as on-highway, agriculture, heavy construction, industrial control, and material handling.

Praxis Strategy Group

Praxis Strategy Group is a community and enterprise development company that is nationally recognized for working with entrepreneurs, economic development organizations, and technology research groups to create enterprise opportunities in technology and information industries.

SEO Precision

SEO Precision designs, manufactures and markets precision fast-steering mirrors. These are servo-driven, motorized mirrors primarily used for stabilization, guidance and orientation of laser beam technology. The company is currently focusing on a proprietary design for a magnetically levitated suspension system that will eventually replace flexure suspensions, and provide a lightweight, efficient package for beam steering.

Sharper Shape

Next Eagle® by Sharper Shape is the world’s first automatic asset inspection solution utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles. The solution drastically reduces inspection and maintenance costs for high value assets such as power lines, pipelines, railways and more.

Simlat Ltd.

Simlat Ltd., an Israeli-based company located in Herzliya, Israel and Grand Forks, North Dakota, is a leading provider of next generation mission-training solutions for unmanned vehicle systems and for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). Based on extensive hand-on operational experience, Simlat is the right choice for training for every Platform, Payload and Mission. Simlat’s turnkey training solutions include SIGINT, EO/IR and SAR sensors in various operational configurations.


SkySkopes is the leading UAS operations company in North Dakota. Using revolutionary technology, SkySkopes provides unique and actionable aerial data.


Somahlution has developed a innovative technology platform that enables healthy organ transplants. Based on the company's proprietary technology, the Healthy Organ Preservation and Extension (HOPE) System is designed to maintain organs in a biologically functional state outside the human body to optimize their health and to allow real time clinical evaluation for successful organ transplantation.

Spectrum Aeromed

Spectrum Aeromed is ecognized worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of air ambulance equipment for all types of fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft.

Spectrum Aeromed designs air ambulance medical interiors for hospital programs, military branches around the world, multi-mission charters and private operators, as well as custom VIP emergency medical interior suites for executive aircraft and heads of state.

SunAir Power, LLC

SunAir Power is developing a portable generator for use in isolated areas that runs on a combination of wind power and solar energy. The project is in prototype stage, and is competing in innovative technology contests in the state of North Dakota

Technology Applications Group

Technology Applications Group, Inc. (TAG) is the inventor of the Tagnite Coating System for magnesium alloys. Tagnite is the most corrosion and abrasion resistant coating available for magnesium alloys.

Triton Systems, Inc.

Triton Systems provides specialized coatings, advanced materials that serve uses such as aerospace, sensors, and other innovative manufacturing products. The company also provides an incubator to help develop and commercialize new products with the assistance of the US Government.


Ulteig's Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems Program focuses on remote sensing programs within the aviation industry including Unmanned Aircraft System development, FAA Next Generation airspace systems, and airfield infrastructure support functions. The company is developing technology and implementing flight applications that will deliver remotely-piloted systems safely into military, civil and law enforcement mission areas.

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