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Precision Ag Summit 2018 Presentations

The 7th Precision Agriculture Action Summit welcomed more than 225 participants to North Dakota Farmers Union in Jamestown on January 15 & 16, 2018.

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Software and Computing

Myriad Mobile

We’re masters of mobile at Myriad and with that comes subject area expertise. Focusing strictly on mobile, we’re able to hone our craft in the areas of strategy, design, development, education, and support. We’ve mastered how to approach and build apps that work — on time and on budget.


Headquartered in Manhattan with a full backbone operation in Minot ND, InfoTech is a custom software house and system integration company offering a variety of software products, IT services and business practices. They are a Microsoft Certified Partner and a GSA approved contractor. InfoTech's client base includes the Department of Defense and many small to mid-size companies representing a wide range of industries including defense, financial, and media companies.

Macil Technologies

Macil Technologies is a software company that develops management and accounting software to fit the individual company of any size. They have previously marketed an accounting software designed to integrate more seamlessly than previous products on the market.

Avenue Right LLC

Avenue Right markets an advertising software for small to mid-size companies to make marketing more affordable and user friendly. The software is personalized for the company to help minimize necessary financial input through efficient channels of communication and maximize revenue from interested parties.


HealthEFirst, created by HiSpirit, offers a no cost solution for payers to substantially reduce claims costs and for users to proactively manage their health and medical conditions by making cell phones, PDA’s and computers into health and wellness management tools.


Microsoft's Fargo campus was established in 2001 with their acquisition of Great Plains Software. Fargo is now home to a major Microsoft Dynamics development center. The campus includes research and development, customer service, support, IT, operational and financial, and marketing teams. The Fargo location also hosts one of the company's nine Executive Briefing Centers.

Datacom International, Inc.

Datacom is a company which provides three different softwares for engineering management, depending upon their individual needs. The company focuses on providing all-IT service management software to small to mid-sized manufacturing companies at low cost.

Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree Technologies, founded in 2004 is the leading provider of web-based solutions that connect and automate sensor-enabled physical assets for supply chain, fleet, and maintenance applications in the energy, field services, food services, convenience store, and petrochemical industries as well as the U.S. Department of Defense.


Ntractive is a Mac CRM enterprise cloud computing company that develops Elements CRM. Elements CRM is a Mac-centric Customer Relationship Management solution for business and enterprise for managing contacts, calendars, sales, inventory, projects, and documents.

Intelligent InSites

Intelligent InSites delivers real-time enterprise visibility and automation solutions that transform the healthcare industry by dramatically driving down costs while improving the level of care. By providing a single platform capable of streamlining dozens of systems and processes using real-time location and sensory data, Intelligent InSites helps their clients gain visibility into their operations and make profound improvements in the area of resident safety, workflow optimization, asset and inventory management, and regulatory compliance.

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