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Precision Ag Summit 2018 Presentations

The 7th Precision Agriculture Action Summit welcomed more than 225 participants to North Dakota Farmers Union in Jamestown on January 15 & 16, 2018.

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Advanced Manufacturing

c2renew corporation

c2renew provides a performance driven biocomposite material that offers price stability to a volatile plastics market and a greener alternative. c2renew is a material designer and custom compounder who utilizes proprietary biocomposite formulations to meet a wide range of engineering specifications. c2renew corporation designs biocomposite material compounds from agriculture byproducts along with recycled or virgin plastics from petroleum or renewable resources.

Fargo 3D Printing

Fargo 3D Printing is the Midwest hub for everything related to 3D printing. If you’re looking for consumables, service of printers, tips/tricks on how to print, or the purchase of your very own 3D printers, we can help! We are locally owned and operated with over 4 years and 2,000+ hours of 3D printing experience. Our on-site training is the most popular way to get your printer up and running properly and promptly in your office or classroom.

Spectrum Aeromed

Spectrum Aeromed is ecognized worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of air ambulance equipment for all types of fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft.

Spectrum Aeromed designs air ambulance medical interiors for hospital programs, military branches around the world, multi-mission charters and private operators, as well as custom VIP emergency medical interior suites for executive aircraft and heads of state.

Innovative Solutions, LLC

Innovative Solutions offers end-to-end product development and solution services including engineering/design, automation, prototype fabrication/testing, and short run manufacturing.

We can work with plastics, metals, composites and other materials to build functional prototypes. We update the design based on feedback from real-world testing. We can also design and build test fixtures and experiments to replicate extreme conditions and verify performance assumptions.

ComDel Innovation

ComDel Innovation supports up-and-coming businesses by providing facilities and advice to assist in product development and commercialization. ComDel strives to make product realization easier for the innovator by making all production needs available from one source.

Microlap Technologies

Microlap is a leading U.S. manufacturer of high-precision industrial components made from synthetic ruby, sapphire, ceramic, carbide and other hard materials.

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing is an ISO 9001-2000 certified and AS9100A registered contract manufacturer. KMM is focused on competitive pricing for high-reliability assemblies, low- to medium-volume production rates, and full-range testing at the subassembly level. Typical orders include circuit card assemblies, cable and harness assemblies, and ground test support equipment.

Cirrus Design

Cirrus is the world’s largest manufacturer of single-engine, piston-powered aircraft, and the SR22 is the industry’s best selling model. The SR20, with composite construction and advanced aerodynamics, incorporates flat-panel, multi-function display technology and state-of-the-art safety innovations, including a final level of safety known as the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).

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